Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is assisted living the same as a nursing home?
A: No. Both an assisted living home and a nursing home help residents with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication administration. The difference between the two homes is the level of skilled nursing care provided. An assisted living home can only provide three hours, or less, per week of skilled nursing care. A nursing home is designed for people who need more intensive nursing services such as wound care, ostomy care, management of sliding scale insulin, IV therapy that require more than three hours of nursing care per week.

Q: Can I retain my own doctor and pharmacy if I move into a Tanglewood Assisted Living home?
A: Yes, residents are encouraged to retain their own primary care physicians. For the convenience of our residents and families, internal medicine physicians from Ministry Health Care make home visits to Maple Ridge of Plover and Maple Ridge of Plover Memory Care as well.
Yes, residents may retain their own pharmacy. If they desire, residents can opt to use the pharmacy that Tanglewood has contracted with for the delivery of medications on a monthly and as-needed cycle.

Q: What does the monthly fee include?
A: The monthly fee includes all services, including meals and activities, care and supervision. Additional care fees are assessed for diabetes management.

Q: How will I get to my doctor appointments if I move into a Tanglewood Assisted Living home?
A: We encourage the involvement of resident family members in the ongoing health needs of our residents. It is recommended that family members accompany residents to medical appointments. However, our management staff is available to transport and accompany residents to medical appointments when families are unavailable.

Q: Church is very important to me, how will I stay in touch with my faith when I move into a Tanglewood Assisted Living home?
A: Faith and spiritual growth is very important to us as well. We offer a Catholic communion service by St. Bronislava Church every Sunday morning, as well as a Protestant service each Sunday afternoon. In addition, we offer mid week devotions by a variety of community spiritual leaders, including Noel McCormick and Pastor Free.

Q: Can my friends and family eat meals with me? If so, what is the cost?
A: Yes, we encourage visitors to join us for meal times. There is no cost . We do recommend an advance reservation to ensure our cook is prepared.

Q: Are there opportunities for social activities during the day?
A: Yes, we specialize in full-time activity programs designed to meet the interests and social needs of our residents. A monthly activity calendar of events is posted inside each home for reference.

Q: Can I have my own television and phone in my room?
A: Yes, each room is equipped with phone and cable hook-up jacks. However, the expense for these amenities is paid for privately by each resident. Cable TV and phones are available in the common areas of each home for resident use.