About Us

What We Offer

Tanglewood Assisted Living gives you and your loved ones the ability to remain as independent as possible while receiving assistance with everyday activities. Locally owned and operated, our facility is for those seniors who need assistance with daily tasks – meal preparation, personal hygiene, administering medications – but do not require the full-assistance amenities of a nursing home.

Our facilities consist of Maple Ridge of Plover, an assisted living home for seniors who require 24-hour supportive care, and Maple Ridge of Plover Memory Care, an assisted living home specializing in care for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Each home is licensed by the State of Wisconsin as a Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF) to provide care and supervision to 20 residents.

Our Philosophy

Tanglewood Assisted Living is locally owned and operated by Jessica Schmidt, Bradley Schmidt and Dr. Randal Wojciehoski. They purchased Maple Ridge of Plover and Maple Ridge of Plover Memory Care in 2007 to provide long-term care for area residents.

Their long-term care professional philosophy revolves around a very important question – asking residents, “What do you want to do with your life?” It is a question that respects the individuality of residents, their past and their future. It acknowledges life that has moved in a new direction.

Ecology of Caring

Tanglewood – life happens here.  Life that honors and supports the connections we have with each other and with all living things.  Life that supports continued growth and development at all ages and all stages of living.  Life that values and celebrates the meaningful contributions we each provide to caring for each other as part of our community. At Tanglewood, we’ve changed the “nature” of our care, by becoming an EarthWonders Community©.

We recognize that healthy staff members and healthy teams are critical foundations for providing the very best support for our residents and their families. As an EarthWonders Community, we’re fully invested in the health and well-being of our staff and our residents – our entire Family.  All our employees are trained in the Ecology of Caring©, an EarthWonders® model that helps staff integrate the healthful benefits of Nature for their own health and well-being.  Those same benefits become the vital link to nurturing the individual health, independence and potential of each member of our family here at Tanglewood.

On a daily basis emphasis is placed on celebrating our places in the Web of Life, drawing strength and joy from Nature and from each other.  There is a growing body of evidence linking nature and health – including psychological health, stress relief, employee productivity, pain and anti-anxiety relief.  AnEarthWonders Community© is designed to help organizations realize these benefits in assisted living settings, indoors and out.  As a commitment to the larger community and our planet, our homes and grounds are designed to provide for the most comfortable and healthy living, with the smallest environmental impact.  We invite you to watch as we evolve.  Come experience the healthy energy flow at Tanglewood.